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Hawthorne Naturopathic Centre Ltd. has been serving the needs of patients from newborns to the elderly, for 15 years. Our team of experienced Naturopathic Physicians see the unique needs of each individual and are committed to establishing a partnership that provides a foundation for achieving your health goals.We are dedicated to life long learning and the application of current research to benefit the needs of our patients.

To give the highest quality of care to our patients, providing information and education that empowers them to take an active role in their health and treatment. 


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 Lyme Disease:

If you have ever had a tick bite or suspect that you have it is important to rule out a persistent infection that may be slowly degrading your health. Symptoms might include swollen inflamed joints, fatigue, numbness and tingling anywhere in your body, lack of coordination, mood swings and a susceptibility to other infections. The following questionnaire might put your mind at ease or encourage you to seek more answers about a possible Lyme infection. 

Lyme Disease Questionnaire



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