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Naturopathic Medicine

About Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic doctors are licensed and board certified healthcare providers in the province of British Columbia with the education and training to provide diagnosis and treatment of your health concerns.

Why Choose Naturopathic Medicine?

  • We take the time to look at your entire health picture and put the pieces together to come up with an individualized health plan.
  • We look for the root cause of your health concerns so you can truly get well and move away from treating symptoms only.
  • We work with your body’s innate ability to move in the direction of health.
  • We teach and support you to be proactive and take charge of your health.
  • We have many treatment options available to us and customize to suit your needs. We use the least invasive approach necessary and are able to prescribe pharmaceutical medications when necessary. We understand the interactions between natural medicines and drugs.
  • We collaborate with each patient and your other health providers.
  • We know that optimal health involves healing mind, body and spirit.