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Environmental Allergy Testing & Desensitization

Skin Prick Test (SPT)

At Hawthorne Centre we use Skin Prick Testing (SPT) to identify immediate allergic reactions (IgE) to common environmental allergens. During this test, a drop of solution containing the allergen is placed on your forearm. Using a very small needle the surface of the skin is scratched to allow a tiny amount of the solution to enter just below the surface. The SPT is generally not painful and there is no bleeding. The scratching on the surface of the skin feels similar to a fingernail scratch. Once administered your reactions will be measured 20 minutes later.

Allergy Desensitization Treatments

Once your allergies have been determined, we offer two methods of desensitization:

SLIT method (Sublingual Immunotherapy)

This is an at home treatment. Treatment is provided in the form of serial dilutions which uses small doses of the allergen under the tongue to build tolerance. This type of therapy has minimal side effects, is less invasive than traditional allergy shots and is easy to use. It is most effective to start therapy before the allergy season begins, usually 1-2 months before, however can be started at anytime. This therapy is suitable for children 3 years and older, non severe asthmatics and other populations who are unable to tolerate traditional injections.

If you have a severe life threatening allergy, we recommend you consult with your Allergist for the most suitable treatment recommendations.

Miller method

This is an in office treatment. Treatment is provided in the form of homeopathic sublingual dilutions, another form of immunotherapy. Our staff administer the solution at timed intervals, from a higher dilution to a more concentrated dilution. It is suggested that this is done 1-2 months before the onset of your allergy season. If allergies are severe it may be necessary to repeat on a monthly basis.