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What To Expect

Your First Visit:

Initial visits are one hour in length. Your doctor will take a detailed history, may do a screening physical exam, review any lab work, medications and supplements you are currently taking. Our goal in the first visit is to gain an understanding of the underlying cause of your health concerns and begin a preliminary course of action.

Preparing for your first visit:

We appreciate you having your intake forms completed prior to your visit, if possible. You can fax (250-598-3317), email in advance (hawthornecentre@shaw.ca) or bring your forms with you to your first visit. If you have copies of recent blood work, scans or tests, please forward or bring with you. Please find the intake form under the doctors name that you will be seeing.

If you are coming in for Sensitivity Testing please go under General Forms and fill out the Sensitivity Testing Intake Form.

Download Intake Form

You can expect to be at the clinic for up to 1.5 hours. This will allow time to process your paperwork, see your doctor and check out at reception. If you have your paperwork with you please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment. If not, we would appreciate you arriving 20 minutes early to fill out your forms.

Follow-up Visits:

The second visit is scheduled anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks following the initial visit. It is generally 30-45 minutes in length. We will go over the recommendations from the first visit, make any necessary adjustments and continue with recommendations if needed. If we have ordered further lab or had you do any homework we will go over it. We will continue to talk about your health goals.

Subsequent visits depend on your needs. Some treatments require weekly visits for a designated period of time, such as intravenous therapies or acupuncture. Dietary and lifestyle changes may require a check in every month or two.

Once we know we have you on the path to good health we like to follow up with wellness visits every 3 to 6 months. If something comes up in the meantime we are available when you need us. We make room in our daily schedule to take care of any acute situations that may arise.